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Monday, June 6, 2011

Landing in Indy

Hey y'all,
Good news, I've made it to Indianapolis in one piece. This morning, I departed from the Los Angeles International Airport at 12:00pm and landed in Chicago by 5:30pm (it's a three and a half hour flight but Chicago is two hours ahead). Once I got to Chicago's airport, which I must say is insanely big by the way, I hurried off to the next gate where I would meet the aircraft that would whisk me away to my new home. The plane took off around 6:15pm and after a half hour flight, I landed in Indianapolis at 7:45pm (Indianapolis is an Eastern Time zone). So yeah, I leapt 3 hours in one day--my sleep schedule is going to be so fucked.

Over here, I got picked up by a nice gent named Nathaniel Fleckenstein. He was gracious enough to take me to his home where other Teach For America corps members reside. I'm spending the night here and going to Marian University tomorrow where I'll be living in college style dorms for the week. I'm excited... -__-

As for Indianapolis, it's a pretty nice town. I'll post more pictures, but just try and envision this image in your head--it's very sloooowwww. I can't describe it comprehensibly. Things just feel like they're moving with slower gears. I don't know. I might just be tired. I hope jet lag doesn't make me miserable.

So yeah, that's my update for now. I have a job interview tomorrow with the Indianapolis Math and Science Academy for a potential teaching gig. I'll let you know if I get the job with another blog post tomorrow.

With Unwavering Love,
Derik Ohanian


  1. Hahaha, everywhere is slow compared to UC Berkeley and LA ;)

  2. Already an f-bomb in your TFA blog! geeeez